Safer Structures Campaign secures support of Labour Party members to back safer cable standards

A host of influential Labour MPs threw their backing behind the Safer Structures Campaign at the party conference in Liverpool – urging the Government to raise the fire safety standards of cables.

The Safer Structures Campaign secured the support of eleven shadow Labour ministers, thirteen backbench MPs and a host of councillors and labour delegates – demonstrating a growing appetite across the Labour Party for better cable safety.

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CPR for Cables, Two Years On

It is now two years since CPR went live for cables across Europe, and one year since manufacturers and suppliers became obliged to classify and CE mark their cables and provide Declarations of Performance (DoPs) for end users. What have we learned in that time? How has the market responded to the need for additional credentials for cable? Specifiers and end-users are demanding higher classifications for cables. How can manufacturers and suppliers achieve this through improving the performance of their cables?

BASEC is one of the leading Notified Bodies working with manufacturers and suppliers to test and classify cable. As a result, BASEC has worked on a large number of projects across many cable types. Although our work with individual customers remains confidential, we can provide some general observations and suggest common approaches that may be advantageous for manufacturers and suppliers to adopt.

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Strengthening cable standards must be a priority for the new Housing Minister

Speaking as an entrepreneur and CEO of cable manufacturer Tratos UK, there are certain economic, social and cultural factors that attract me to Britain as a place to grow my business. The rule of law, a strong supply of skills, democratic rights and balanced market regulation - all make this nation an appealing place to invest. But for me, operating at the heart of the cable industry, what matters most is the country’s rich history of manufacturing quality products.

This is a history that I have a personal commitment to championing in a modern 21st century world – ensuring that standards remain high so products are safe. However, in a globalised market – with standards differing from country to country – increased competition can drive down price and standards can slip, all at the expense of public safety.

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Made in Britain pledges support to the Safer Structures Campaign

Made in Britain has today joined the Safer Structures Campaign to urge the Government to raise the safety standards of cables in homes and buildings across the country to prevent the spread of fire in an emergency.

Made in Britain, an organisation that aims to bring together the entire manufacturing community in Britain, has long championed quality assurance and product safety.

The support follows the appointment of a new Housing Minister at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. Kit Malthouse MP will be responsible for building regulations and safety, as well as the Government’s response to the Hackitt Review. The Safer Structures Campaign, recently backed by Electrical Safety First and now backed by Made in Britain, is urging the new minister to open a formal consultation on cable standards and fire safety, with a view to improving standards.

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Electrical Safety First joins ranks of Safer Structures Campaign to support stronger cable standards

Electrical Safety First has today joined the Safer Structures Campaign to urge the Government to raise the safety standards of cables in homes and buildings across the country in order to improve fire safety.

The move follows the publication of the Hackitt Review in May, which has been widely criticised across media and industry for not going far enough – failing to address evidence of sub-standard cables in the UK market.

Electrical Safety First, the UK’s electrical safety experts, join representatives from across industry in calling for the Government to consider the evidence of weak cable safety through a formal Government consultation, with a view to improving standards.

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Safer Structures calls for strengthened building regulations a year on from Grenfell

Dr Maurizio Bragagni, Chair of the Safer Structures Campaign, said:

“The Grenfell tower tragedy was one of the greatest failures in building safety in the UK’s history. It should never have happened and we must ensure such a catastrophe never occurs again.

“Building regulations in the UK urgently need to be overhauled to improve fire safety, and this includes cable standards. Existing cable standards are weak and unwieldy, and even this minimum level of regulation is not properly enforced. This increases the risk of fire and puts public safety at risk.

“As part of its review of building regulations, the Government must take action and consult with industry on strengthening cable standards to improve fire safety in homes and buildings across the country.”

Safer Structures campaign response to the publication of the Hackitt Review

Dr Maurizio Bragagni of the Safer Structures Campaign to raise the safety standards of cables said:

“Whilst we welcomed Dame Judith Hackitt’s important review into building regulations and fire safety, this report does not go far enough, making no recommendations to improve inadequate cable fire safety standards.

“Current standards in the UK are too weak and this minimum level of regulation is not properly enforced. This has allowed sub-standard cabling to permeate the market and is risking public safety.

“We need Government to urgently consult on how to drive up cable fire standards to raise the safety standards of cables in homes and buildings across the country. That’s why we are calling for a consultation on amending the relevant Approved Document.”


The Safer Structures Campaign

The Safer Structures Campaign is a membership body led Tratos which is urging the Government to raise the safety standards of cables in homdes and buildings across the country, and to eradicate sub-standard cabling from the market. Dr Maurizio Bragagni, Chief Executive, Tratos UK, founded the campaign group following the Grenfell Tower disaster in 2017. Its members include the Fibreoptics Industry Association, Tratos, Hindwoods Chartered Surveyor, the Local Authority Building Control and Modular Wiring Systems.

Howarth speaks out for Safer Structures

George Howarth MP made a compelling case for increased rigour across industry standards at an adjournment debate on cable and fire safety.

The Knowsley MP pointed to the work of the Safer Structures Campaign – an initiative mounted by independent global cable manufacturer Tratos - which is pushing for standards to go ‘beyond the minimum’ to protect people in their homes, public buildings and places of work and education.

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Safer Structures Campaign presents to All Party Parliamentary Group on Fire Rescue & Safety’

Campaigning cable manufacturer Tratos joined members of the All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety and Rescue Group this month.

Tratos, represented by non-executive director Simon Blagden CBE, was invited on the back of its Safer Structures Campaign. The campaign, an initiative from Tratos CEO, Dr Maurizio Bragagni MBA, was set up in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster. Its aim is to push stakeholder industries to look holistically at buildings’ infrastructure in order to ensure no stone is unturned to keep housing, offices and public buildings fire safe.

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Italian Conservatives Chairman backs Safer Structures campaign


Christian Vinante, Chairman of the Italian Conservatives Organisation and Conservative councillor candidate for Brentford, offers his support for the Safer Structures Campaign:

“It’s great to see the Safer Structures Campaign raising awareness of the need to improve cable safety standards across the UK.

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