Millions of metres of dangerous cable in homes across UK

Millions of metres of dangerous electrical cable may be in homes across the UK, a BBC investigation has found. In 2010 it was discovered Atlas Kablo, a now-defunct Turkish company, had sold 11 million metres of cable that posed a potential fire risk in the UK. The Health and Safety Executive decided against a compulsory recall and only seven million metres were recovered. Critics say more should have been done. The HSE insisted its response was proportionate to the risk. The British Approvals Service for Cables (Basec) had found the cable had too little copper, meaning it was at risk of overheating. Safer Structures says it is unacceptable for millions of meters of sub-standard cables to remain in the UK market and questions to be left unanswered. The UK needs a robust surveillance system so that faulty goods are identified and the public is kept safe.