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Ms Nia Griffith MP

Dame Nia Griffith is the Labour MP for Llanelli and has been an MP continuously since 5 May 2005. She undertakes the role of Shadow Minister (International Trade).

She was brought up with a strong sense of community and social justice and wants to help change society for the better.

For 20 years she taught in local schools, was an active member of the trade union; a founder member of a local Women’s Aid organisation; a driving force behind a local youth group; and an environmental activist.

During the 2018 Annual Labour Party Conference, Chair Dr Maurizio Bragagni OBE had the opportunity to introduce to Dame Griffith the Tratos-led initiative for Safer Structures, which received her full support followed by her signature of the petition calling on the UK Government for stricter cable regulations for safer homes and buildings across the UK.