90% of fires occur inside buildings, where we spend on average 90% of our time. Today a fire can engulf a room in 3 minutes compared to 25 minutes 50 years ago, and this change has come about because of the increase of plastics in our homes.

People escaping often have only a few minutes to leave a building safely before the development of smoke makes orientation increasingly difficult. This fact makes identifying escape and rescue routes impossible. Dense and corrosive fumes make the activity of rescue teams more difficult and dangerous.


The people of Britain have a right to live and work in safe buildings. What goes under our floors and into our walls in our homes is incredibly important for our safety. The UK is a key market for distributors of counterfeit and substandard electrical cable; it is already seen as an easy target in that there is a lack of enforcement to stop rogue importers. This one lapse of judgement means the UK is no closer to having a safer building environment and signing our petition is the best way to fix this problem.