In the Grenfell Tower disaster, Britain has just witnessed one of the most shocking failures in building safety and the likely cause is the UK’s current building procedure – be that what was specified, what was installed or how it was installed.

What happened isn’t a random incident and, as subsequent product testing has revealed, it could happen again. Its repercussions are likely to be felt throughout the building product sector for years to come.


Government can no longer distance itself from vital market surveillance – industry cannot and will not police itself subjectively product failures happen because of inadequate surveillance.

British Standards, whether for cable or any other building product, need to be of the highest level. ‘Adequate’ is not sufficient.

British Standards and installation practice must achieve the highest safety level – it is called ‘best practice’ for a reason.

Now, more than ever, people need to be confident that new build and refurbishment projects will only use the best possible materials, installed by those best qualified to do so.